Dryer takes too long to dry

Is it time to buy a new dryer just because it takes 3 loads to dry?  Probably not!

If your dryer heats, then you are likely looking at some sort of venting issue.  Could be something in the dryer, but most likely your house vent.  A new dryer will not change your house venting.  Here are some steps to to try before buying a new dryer.

  • Wash your lint screen.  Your screen may look clean, but run some water slowly on it and see how much it will hold.  If it holds water, gently rub in some dish detergent (ex. Dawn, Joy, Palmolive, etc) and watch the water run through the screen.
  • Pull vent off the back of dryer.  This one can add some lint to your laundry room, so be prepared.  When you are ready with the vent off, start dryer.  If you get good strong air flow, then it is time to get you house vent checked and cleaned.
  • Vent cleaning.  There are plenty of DIY kits out there.  I like the 4 inch brush on the end of a rod.  Some kit have extension rods for extra long vents.  If you are unsure or have not ever done it, you may want to call in a professional vent cleaner.  Even if you are a do it yourselfer, you can learn volumes from a professional just by watching.  Well worth the one time investment.  A plugged vent is a fire hazard.

A to Z Appliance Repair in both Dayton and Cincinnati have seen plenty of customers throw out good dryers for something that was not the dryers fault.  Don’t throw your money away.  

As we enter Fall and Winter, make sure your dryer is ready!


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