Cloudy Dishes

Nobody likes them.  They torment you when you have company and they want a glass of water.  Agitated, you give them a glass that is cloudy or worse yet, you know hand cleaning after running through the dishwasher is coming.  

What can be done to help?

There are some simple steps and some not so simple, but A to Z Appliance Repair in Dayton and Cincinnati has been able to solve this issue for a lot of customers.

Simple Steps

  • Turn on hot water at kitchen sink until it is hot, then start your dishwasher
  • Rinse you dishes, but DO NOT scrape them clean.  There needs to be something on them for the detergent to work properly.

Not So Simple

  • Since the removal of phophate from detergent, finding the right detergent for you has been a challenge.  We have seen more success from the tablets over powder or liquid detergent.  Our customers with soft water get better results if they place the tablet in the floor of the dishwasher instead of the soap dish.
  • Heated Dry vs Air Dry – A lot of customers have better results from Air Dry, it is what I use.  The hotter the dishes get during rinse cycle, the better the water leaves the dishes during the dry cycle.  This helps to prevent spots
  • Rinse Aid – YES, it must be used.  Rinse Aid basically makes your water like soft water so that is does not stick to the dishes.  It does not coat the dishes.

Nobody wants to buy 17 different types of detergent to find one that works, though we have seen it done.  Most of the time the effort to get your new dishwasher exchanged will not make a difference in the end.  It is finding the right detergent for your dishwasher and water type that makes the biggest difference.  Some detergent manufacturers will send you a sample if you call and ask.  I also think a stainless steel interior does a better job of keeping the water hot during the cycle and there are some of those available at a good value if you are shopping for a new unit.

Hopefully these steps can save you from an appliance repair bill that tells you the dishwasher is fine. 

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