Thanksgiving Cooking

Thanksgiving is upon us and many are preparing for the big family meal and gathering. I am thankful for my family and friends and customers, but I am also thankful for the appliances that make entertaining easier. Refrigerator for storing food, dishwasher for cleanup, washer and dryer for the tablecloths and clothes, and the oven for cooking the turkey.

Todays post is going to stick with the oven. Many customers want that clean oven for the holiday meal with company coming over. Logically, we use the self clean feature to get it clean. One button and done is a great feature. However, some of our customers have had some not so good experiences.

When is self clean, the oven gets to a very high temperature to remove the baked on food. A lot of ovens are built to withstand 4 self clean cycles in a row. With this high heat and safety features to keep the oven from overheating, sometimes the safety shuts the heat down. Most safety devices do not reset. This prevents the customer from using the oven until the safety has been replaced.

The techs at A to Z Appliance Repair try to be preemptive and keep a stock of safety thermostats and fuses in their vans. Sometimes our customers “self clean” too late for service though. Our advice is as follows.

We recommend that you self clean your oven at least 1 week prior to any major cooking event. This gives plenty of time to get you back up and running in time for you family event.

A to Z Appliance Repair hopes that you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.