Self Cleaning the oven

Self Cleaning ovens are wonderful. Push a button and 4 hours later, your oven interior is clean. However, it is not recommended to self clean before a major cooking event. These include Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and more.

Self clean puts a lot of stress on the safety components due to the high heat needed to clean the interior. Our recommendation is to self clean 1 to 2 weeks before the event. If a component does fail, this gives the service company plenty of time to get the parts needed for you to have a cooking success.  Most service companies, like A to Z Appliance Repair of Dayton and Cincinnati, will stock the common parts needed to get you up and running quickly so that you can enjoy your event.

Most ovens are designed to handle 4 self clean cycles in a row before being put into production. They do not fail often, but when they fail at the wrong time…it just causes unnecessary stress.

Enjoy your cooking events and your self clean oven. They can be wonderful components to your family and friends events.